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May 15 — June 1, 2015

Gallery «Pecherska», Kyiv


This project of Group 013 showed wide possibilities of the mimetic (representational) art today.


More information about project will be here later.

October 7 — 13, 2014

Institute of Philology of Taras Shevchenko National University, Kyiv


The classic sculpture is the center of education of any sculptor. The classic drawing is the center of education of any artist. The classical studies are the center of education af any philologist (and most scholars). The project is designed to combine three classical languages into a single one, to present the classical sculpture (from antiquity to Rodin) through the academic drawings of Group 013 (students and graduates of the National Academy of Art and Architecture) in the classical university space.


Group 013 presented the exhibition of 14 academic drawings that depicted classic sculpture in the Art Hall of Institite of Philology (department of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv). During the time of exhibition in the Institute was the annual scientific conference and in Art Hall was the section of Classical and Hellenistic studies of that conference. So that drawings, usually percieved as just studies, obtained other meanings in the environment of the educational process (university) and scholar researches (scientific conference) that directly concerned Classics (especially Antique Greece and Rome).


Project includes works of Group 013 members (Dmytro Kuzmenko, Igor Sikorski, Igor Tatarenko, Lesya Smirnova, Pavel Lisiy, Vlada Repina) and their friend Myhailo Buksha


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